Sunday, November 6, 2011

Does Numerology Work on Play?

Mystics and those who like to dig deeper into the secrets of mysticism love numbers because they are full of symbolic meaning which they believe hold the secret to success in many aspects of our life.  This fascination with numbers has given birth to numerology, a body of knowledge which numerologists believe to be either science or art and tries to interpret certain aspects of a person’s life and give it meanings. The meanings numerologists derive from their own interpretations can then be applied to one’s life as a guide or principle. It involves mainly a person’s name and date of birth to which numerologists assign certain number values that are added to get that person’s key number. This key number points to a description of the person’s character, future and destiny.  Thus, your full name can be reduced to a single number or a combination of numbers that reveal your feelings, your personality, your mission in life and the life energy that you possess in a given year. Your birth date, as interpreted by numerologists reveals the path that you have chosen to complete your mission in this world, the approach you use to master life’s challenges, and the stage where you are at present in your journey towards the fulfillment of your mission. Skeptics on the other hand, say that numerology lacks the rational foundation of true science, and thus is nothing more than the machinations of charlatans.
Taken as a whole, numerology as applied to playing the lottery, is your guide in choosing which number to select.  You can use numerology to find your lucky number which you can play over and over again every time you buy lotto tickets. Some people combine for example, their own birthday with that of their loved ones, friends or neighbors.  Others use their social security number, their cellphone number or even the plate number of their favorite car.  Your source of numbers is practically limitless as you can get numbers from almost everything that surrounds you, from your home to your office to the gym.
So the question that we need to answer is whether numerology really helps you win the lottery.  Our answer will have to be yes and no. It depends on your own belief system and whether you are more influenced by science or by your faith. Science is based on facts but evidence for the success of numerology in winning the lottery is best described as anecdotal rather than scientific empirical evidence. Detractors of numerology say that it is impossible to predict the outcome of lottery draws since they are completely random. On the other hand, those who believe that numerology is an effective guide that helps them win lotteries claim that the world is full of numbers and that everything has a special number that can show then the way to the future, including the winning lottery numbers.  They adhere to the belief that through numerology, you can find out which your lucky numbers are and which days are the most propitious to go and buy lottery tickets.
Numerology is a fascinating realm and you don’t have to be a great mathematician to understand its principles and practical applications. Indeed we can see its influence even among the learned who have studied the rigid rules that govern certain mathematical applications.  You would have been into a building that doesn’t have a 13th floor and if you didn’t know it, try looking for this floor in the next building you will enter. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find the 13th floor button in the elevator; this is numerology in action.  Some people fear the number 13 and science has a name for this – triskaidekaphobia and its origins date back to the time of the Vikings.  Another popular iteration of this fear is paraskevidekatriaphobia a term which means fear of Friday the 13th, a day that is considered unlucky.  The equivalent of this in Spain is Tuesday the 13th.
Some important modern literature mention numerology as well, as in the Harry Potter series for example, where Hermione, one of the main characters, is into arithmancy, the term used by the author to describe numerology and its practice.  This character in the novel used number charts to cast spells or do divinations, proving that numbers indeed have inherent powers that can be harnessed by humans.
If you are truly interested in finding out your own lucky numbers as revealed by numerology, you can look at websites that specialize in this kind of service.  Some are free while some charge a fee for consulting with their resident numerologists.  You can discover your own lucky numbers or lucky days by doing the calculations yourself using guides that you can find in the internet.


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