Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celebrities Who Play the Lottery

You wouldn’t be a celebrity if you were not rich, right? Most people we look up to and consider as celebrities would already have a huge bank account, and they would usually have more money than the rest of the people we know.  So who among the current crop of celebrities are playing the lottery? And why would they play the lottery at all?  They don’t need more money, do they? To they think that winning would bring them more celebrity status? Indeed, we have come to know that some of them do buy lottery tickets and for what reason, we may never know. 

One well known celebrity lottery player is Simon Cowell, he of the talent show fame and music executive who is reportedly worth $330 million. He said in an interview that he still buys ticket, although in an aside, he mentioned he ticks the box that prevents publication in case he wins so no one else would know.

If you are a fan of X-men, you would know who Hugh Jackman is. And you guessed it right – he also buys lottery tickets, and he does it for his movie crew of 500 every Friday. The Australian actor revealed that he has been buying lottery tickets since he started to work in the USA, explaining to everyone that it’s a tradition in Australia. However, he also says it is not. It’s just his way of paying taxes.

Apart from Cowell and Jackman, other celebrity lotto players are Paris Hilton, George Clooney, and Madonna. There have been reports of these three celebrities or their close associates traveling to Italy to buy lottery tickets for them. That even celebrities of their caliber are buying lottery tickets should not be a surprise at all since the jackpot is worth almost $250 million.

And there you can see why even celebrities want to play the lottery – the prizes are huge and just dreaming about what you could do with that money is a already a pleasure in itself.  Celebrities are already living their dream but nothing is preventing them from dreaming on, and if it’s the lottery that can make them happier, why not?  Dreaming is free, so anyone, even celebrities can indulge in it.  Playing the lottery is easy and fun. And if on top of that, you can win millions of dollars, who could not be persuaded to play?  There are lotteries in all parts of the world, so you can play wherever you can.  You can participate in state lotteries, multi-state lotteries, and national lotteries in countries where it is legal.  You can ask the people there or visit online lottery sites to know more about the rules and learn how and where you can buy the tickets.  You can either select the numbers you want or have the machine pick them up for you.  Half the fun of playing is in selecting the numbers and there are several strategies you can use to do this. Some people are into numerology wherein the numbers you will choose are based on the numerological interpretation of your name, your birthday and even your phone number, address or social security number. Other people use a wheeling system where a set of numbers are chosen and all possible combinations that can be derived from them are entered.  This system is known to increase your chances of winning prizes from the jackpot to the smaller ones in a multi-tier lottery. Some people join a syndicate or a lottery pool wherein they play together with other people.  The syndicate buys the tickets for them. Each member participates in the draw and if their numbers are drawn, each member also shares in the winnings.  Joining a syndicate is not for everyone as there could be issues that if not resolved before the lottery draw and they win, could lead to messy legal problems.

It’s easy to see why celebrities would want to play the lottery – it is fun, exciting and a way to help other people too, as we have seen above.  Celebrities may have more money than us mortals, but we can’t deny them the excitement we feel as we await the results.  While winning the jackpot is the goal of most players and continues to be that of the new players, the more savvy ones know that winning lesser prizes could be just as rewarding.  They know the odds of winning and they know how to increase their chances by using the strategies mentioned above. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you are a celebrity or not, and indeed each one of us is a celebrity in our own right.  What’s important is the fact that you have that dream of winning, not only the lottery but life in general.


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