Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2006 Lottery Winner To Quit Job As Janitor

Tyrone Curry won $3.4 million from the lottery in 2006. Since then he has continued to work as a school janitor and coach. He admits that he loves his job and with the winnings also donated uniforms to the school as well as $40,000 for a new track.

After more than 20 years coaching and cleaning the grounds, Curry was elected to the Highline District School Board, and has to give up his job before being sworn in to the new one. The $50 per diem for doing district school board work is not much, but he's more concerned with the job he must leave. "Basketball season just started and this is the first time I'm not on the court," he said. "It bothers me."

Source: LotteryPost.com


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