Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 5 Most Expensive Phones in the World

In this modern day and age, a person cannot be without one of the most popular means of communication today - a mobile phone.  Some people may choose to take this fact a step further by splashing out an immense amount of money on a luxury phone that only millionaire businessmen, the rich and famous and millionaire lottery winners could ever afford.  Below are the top 5 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World.

Top 5: VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone: $300,000

This phone is designed by Jaren Goh, and made from titan and polycarbonate and spots a cutting edge mirror that finish cladding, adorned with diamonds with an intel 400 Mhz processor, 4 mega pixel with 256 TFT screen.

Top 4: Vertu Signature Cobra: $310,000

Only 8 of these phones were ever produced in the world, made by the French Jeweller, Boucheron, the phone is made up of carat round diamond, two carat pear cut diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies that used to give a cobra look of the phone. In total this mobile phone has 21 carats of diamond and rubies.
Top 3: Diamond Crypto Smartphone: $1.3 Million

Encased with a platinum base and has 50 diamonds and 8 of which are rare blue diamonds.The navigation key and the Ancort logo are of 18 Carat of rose gold.  The mobile phone is produced by JSC Ancort.

Top 2: GoldVish Le Million: $1.3 million

This phone is available only in individual order and was designed by Emmanuel Gueit and was certified by Guinness World  Records in 2008, and made out of VVS1 (only microscopically flawed) diamonds with 18 Carat of white gold making it absolutely luxurious.  It's mobile functionality is pretty standard though, with the usual bluetooth, 2 GB of memory, MP3 playback, FM radio, and the like.

1. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme: $3.2 million

This ultra-expensive iphone was created in Liverpool for a businessman from Australia, and fitted with 136 diamonds set in 22K gold.  Everything about this phone is luxurious, with a navigation button rare 7.1 carat diamond which comes in a box made of 7 kilos of granite and lined in nubuck leather.  The phone itself took 10 months to make. 

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