Saturday, April 9, 2011

Record Lottery Sales for the UK Lottery 2011

During the month of March 2011, the UK Lottery has received a new record in lottery sales as more and more Britons flock to buy UK National Lottery tickets for the chance of winning a huge jackpot prize.

In the previous years, (exactly 13 years ago) the highest record for ticket sales was £5.5 Billion, however, this year was set to surpass that and hit a new record of lottery ticket sales amounting to £5.7 Billion amidst the rate of unemployment in the United Kingdom to date.  Many folks are looking for a new shot, and will gamble more with the hope of one day winning a big sum of cash.

To this date, there is still about £1.1 Billion in unclaimed UK Lottery prizes.  The biggest unclaimed jackpot being £9.4 million, is said to be a winning lottery ticket from Doncaster in 2005.  Were you one of the lucky ones?


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