Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The National Lottery: Back of the Sofa Week

There is currently £9 Million worth of unclaimed prizes in the UK National Lottery that the organisation has now had to launch a National "Back of the Sofa" Week, urging players to look behind places like sofas, tables, cabinets, in case they might find a missing winning ticket.  Apparently, some lottery players have found their winning lotto tickets in places like make-up bags, underneath dog baskets, and in car sun visors.

A huge bus decorated in a lottery theme will be driving around the areas of Plymouth, Leeds, Blackburn, Oxfordshire, and Stoke since the jackpots of up to £1 million still remain unclaimed in these areas.

"From our experience with unclaimed prizes, the sofa isn't the only hiding place where players have found their winning tickets.
"Buried in coat pockets, in cupboards and even down the back of the kitchen drawer could be your chance to claim a life-changing amount of money." says one lottery spokesperson.UK National Lottery


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