Thursday, April 28, 2011

Loyal Friends Forever: Sharing a $1 Million Jackpot

Now here's a true friendship! Two friends go to their local supermarket and buy lottery tickets and end up winning a big lottery jackpot prize which they share.

75 year old Eula Webb invites her 80 year old friend, Sam Cricci to come along with her to their local supermarket on Fulton street to get some milk and each of them buy a lottery ticket for themselves, agreeing that if one should win, they would share the winnings between them.

Upon coming home, Web scratched her lottery ticket and won nothing.  Cricci, on the other hand, scratched his and ended up with an amazing surprise of winning a jackpot prize of $1 Million.  Some people would keep it to themselves, but Cricci honoured his promise to Eula and shared his winnings with her as a true and loyal friend.

Would you be prepared to share your chances of winning in the Powerball lottery or Mega Millions lottery?


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