Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bonus Millionaire Raffle Hits Stores of Colorado on April 15

Bonus Millionaire Raffle is a typical raffle-type draw game, of which four bonus drawings to be held between April 15 and June 12 will award 40 winners with $2,000 each, and all tickets entered into the bonus drawing (including winning tickets) will be eligible for the final Millionaire Raffle drawing on July 1.

The Colorado Lottery's Director, Abel Tapia, states that this Bonus Millionaire Raffle came about because they want players to have more opportunities to win without having to wait until the final raffle drawing, which in turn will create more excitement for the game itself.  Tickets for this raffle will contain a unique six-digit number pre-selected for the players with each ticket costing about $20.

For those who aren't living in Colorado, you can choose to play in various international lotteries by playing lotto online.  If you live outside of North America, you can even play the Mega Millions online, and also join the USA Powerball online.


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