Sunday, February 13, 2011

Millionaire's Dream: Owning a Piece of Paradise

It is every Millionaire's dream to own their own piece of paradise on a tropical island.  One of these islands in particular, is popular to a number of rich Russian and Chinese businessmen and is located in South East Asia.  

The island known as Boracay, is an island in the Philippines famous for its white coral beaches. In 1990, It was elected by the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook as one of the best beaches in the world and again in 1996 by the British publication TV Quick as the world’s number one tropical beach.  It is an island that NEVER SLEEPS! Rain or shine, one can be assured that they can get something to eat 24 hours a day. A true party island! Among the Hollywood personalities who had discreetly visited Boracay include the late Michael Jackson, Madonna, and recently actor Michael Madsen. Yet, despite the island's increasing fame, one can also enjoy peace and tranquility in the island's more secluded beaches and five star hotel accommodations.

One of the most expensive apartments and villas have been sold to multi-millionaire businessmen. The most expensive to date was a 180 square meter apartment sold for $1,000,000 with a top floor swimming pool.  Now don't we all wish we could win the lottery?


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