Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mai Tai Cocktail in Belfast: World's Most Expensive Cocktail

The creators of this drink thought out their goals very carefully - to make the finest drink they could make using the finest ingredients they could find.  Victor Jules Bergeron tried a number of concoctions which eventually led to the creation of the World's Most Expensive Cocktail, Mai Tai, costing about US$1,450 due to the rarity of the rum used.  

Mai Tai Cocktail can be found in a place known for having one of the finest and most expensive cocktail bars in the world, the Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  The Merchant's bar manager, Sean Muldoon said that the hotel was able to source a bottle of an extremely rare 17-year-old J Wray & Nephew Jamaican Rum some years ago, which is the base spirit of The Original Trader Vic’s Mai Tai.

For millionaires and millionaire-wannabes, lottery winners and high-rolling businessmen, this cocktail might appeal to you!


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