Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amedei Porcelana: One of the World's Most Expensive Chocolate

Here is a treat all high-flying lottery enthusiasts may want to stick their teeth into - the World's Most Expensive Chocolate.

The Amedei Porcelana is manufactured by the Amedei candy company in Tuscany, Italy and is made from porcelain-like, white cocoa beans known as "Porcelana", a genetically pure strain of highly-prized beans that are native to Venezuela.

This chocolate bar has won awards including "Best bean to bar", and the "Golden Bean award".  Sold in individually numbered packages, this chocolate is often quoted to up to $90 a pound.  

Amedei Porcelana is said to have a stunning appearance with only minor swirling of light brown-magenta color reflecting the Porcelana.  Its aroma is that of strawberries, raisin and wood.

Porcelana is also used in a Golden Opulence Sundae, a dessert that costs $1,000 and sold in one of the most expensive restaurants in New York City.


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