Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hanging out in one of Germany's most luxurious bars

What better way to check out the Berlin nightlife scene than getting into the trendy and highly stylish Bar Tausend of Berlin!

This fantastic bar is located right under the S-Train bridges of Friedrichstra├če, and although it is just a newcomer on the Berlin nightlife scene, Bar Tausend is already comparable to the ‘in’ bars of London, New York and Tokyo. This huge and stylish bar makes use of subdued lighting which in turn, helps in creating a mysterious atmosphere while sequins provide the occasional sparkle. A vast number of mirrors are decoratively placed throughout the bar to increase the dramatic effect of the lighting.  Film actors, producers, journalists, and various media types come to Bar Tausend to meet up, making this hangout place a happy new addition to the high-end party scene which includes Cookies, San Nicci and Grill Royal – all of which are a few minutes drive from the Tausend.


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